Applied Energy Transfer Systems

Ceramic Coatings

Our Thermal Barrier Coating is a sophisticated paint like coating which provides permanent thermal and acoustical insulation in a wide variety of applications. It can be Ceramic Coatingapplied easily by Spray Gun, Brush or Roller. Application equipment can be simply cleaned with water and water based solvents. The Coating can withstand temperatures up to 500F/260C. and cut heat penetration by as much as 50 degrees, it also reduces or completely eliminates surface condensation in high humidity environments it can also reduce water penetration and water damage, including salt water damage. In most applications no primer is required and the coating is safe for handling and is ‘non flammable’.

With possible uses in Military, Transport, Marine, Motorsport, Packaging, Building, in fact any situation where heat shielding is required AET Systems Barrier Coating can offer a solution.